Bridge to the Nations ®

Bridge to the Nations® outreach projects in China serve rural underserved Chinese communities and orphanages. Our teams have assisted with crop restoration, provided care for children in 5 orphanages and have provided direct medical, surgical and dental care for over 25,000 people (including orphan children and including those affected by the 2008 and 2013 earthquakes in Central China).


The Gansu Province is located in the NW Central region of China, and is one of the poorest areas in China. Its rugged, barren terrain consists mostly of mountains and deserts, but it has played an important role in Chinese history. This province is the home to a variety of Chinese minority groups, including the Hui, Mongols, Tibetans, Kazaks, Salar and the Dongxiang.


China is home to a vast numbers of orphans, mostly girls and disabled children. In the most poor regions orphans sometimes are given low priority in decisions rationing the access of health care services. Our projects help provide direct medical and dental care to children of several community orphanages.


BTTN's medical projects focus on treating the medical needs of the residents and orphans of poor rural villages and those who have suffered from natural disasters. Depending upon the medical staff available for each project, we offer primary medical care, dentistry, general surgery and physiotherapy. Direct health education is furnished to educate patients on handling a variety of conditions within the means of their own culture, including gastrointestinal problems, joint/muscle pain and female problems, and our medical staff helps to train local physicians and dental workers, so each may learn from the other and improve the standards of health care.