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2020/01 Corona Virus Update
As many are aware, China is experiencing an outbreak of a novel coronavirus and is actively working to contain the spread of the virus to others. Some of our medical team members have asked whether our medical team in June will be impacted by this virus situation, and also have asked how we can help with the efforts in China to prevent the spread of the virus.

Medical Team: We are continuing with our plans for the medical team in the Gansu Province on June 14-21. We will, of course, continue to monitor the coronavirus situation closely, especially as we get closer to the medical team date. But for now, the team is still on schedule as initially planned

Help With Virus Situation: One of the most efficient and effective ways we can help at this point is to help prevent the spread of the virus to others within China. We have been requested by our good partners in China with the Gansu Province Health & Hygiene Bureau, and local community medical clinics, to help supply prevention supplies such as proper medical masks, disinfectant and protective clothing. We are purchasing these items for delivery directly to those clinics for use by the doctors, nurses and staff who are directly screening patients for the virus. Could you please help to financially support this effort for the purchase of these preventative supplies?

2019/11 - ICARE is now accepting Applications for the ICARE 2020 Medical team in Huining, Gansu Province, China (JUNE 14-21, 2020). Please Apply to Join online.

Also, please read the IMPORTANT NEW CHANGES TO THE TEAM APPLICATION PROCESS (these are new for the 2020 teams) and the ICARE CODE OF CONDUCT. It is important that all Applicants read these new changes before applying.

We are considering, but have not confirmed, an August 2020 medical team. Please visit our site again later to confirm if we will schedule a medical team for August 2020.

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