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BRIDGE TO RELIEF (Disaster Relief Program)

Natural disasters worldwide appear to be increasing in number and magnitude. In less developed nations, a natural disaster may have devastating effects that could last for generations. Often when a disaster occurs, even within countries that are generally considered to be "closed countries", the affected country's government will invite disaster relief teams to join together to help with the relief efforts. Examples of this include the earthquake in southeastern Iran in 2003, the Tsunami in Indonesia in 2004 and the earthquakes in China in 2008 and 2013 (where Bridge To Relief ™ has provided relief efforts and continues to do so through it's partner organization in China)

Bridge To Relief 's strategy is to leverage its experience and relationships in medical and humanitarian outreach, to establish the infrastructure, and network of volunteers, equipment, supplies, and resources, with centralized management, supervision and support, to mobilize disaster response teams. This will enable us to respond quickly and efficiently to natural disasters, worldwide, which will enable us to share our resources and compassion, and assist those in the gravest need. These disaster response teams will include medical providers who volunteer to participate, as well as individuals with other talents and skills, as may be necessary. This will provide a basis for relationships that we hope will enable us to continue to assist these communities as they recover from the disaster over the years. It is our plan to continue to partner with other organizations with like programs, so that we may share resources, vision, and network together

If you are interested in participating in a disaster relief team, we invite you to complete our short Disaster Relief Team Application questionnaire. Registering as a Bridge To Relief ™ volunteer does not obligate you to participate on a disaster response team. Instead, it allows us to know of your interests and skills, so that we can more easily build an effective team on short notice that would best respond to the needs of any given natural disaster, worldwide.

Please complete the Disaster Relief Team Application on-line. Or, you may print a copy of the Disaster Relief Team Application and return it to us by mail or by fax.